Making your presence known on the world wide web is what internet success is all about. Once your clients have looked you up on the web, you need to impress them with your website's overall look and functionality to keep or earn their business. That is where Prodigy Designs can help!We want your site to stand out above the rest. We will work with you to get it the way you want an affordable price. is based in New York State. We have been designing websites for the worldwide web since 1998. From a small informational html site, to a fully integrated, custom designed flash animated monster, we will deliver an on-budget/on-time design. Your website's design will include a smooth, attractive layout, easy navigation functionality, and meta tag coding which takes advan-tage of the elements needed for marketing optimization; a critical factor missed by most web design firms. After all, what good will a website do you if no one can find it? If you already have a website which has proven to be a weak performer, we can bring it to life.